UAE: A Visual Guide

uae visual guide

Come along on a journey through the United Arab Emirates, a place where tall buildings shine, and old and new mix together. In this guide, we’ll show you the amazing skyscrapers in Dubai, the cool things in Abu Dhabi, and the lesser known places (Sharjah) that make this country special. From the Old Town of Dubai to the beautiful Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, every picture tells a story of the UAE’s exciting energy and timeless beauty. Let’s dive into the pictures that show the amazing and interesting things about the United Arab Emirates.

Dubai photo series

dubai marina, dubai, marina walk
Dubai Marina is like a dazzling city by the water, where super tall buildings mirror their beauty in the calm sea. You can stroll along and discover trendy shops, restaurants and cozy cafes as well as smoke a hookah with a view.
dubai marina, marina walk
In Dubai Marina, a multitude of yachts elegantly dot the water, contributing to the area’s reputation as a hub of luxury living.
sunset, dubai marina, dubai beach
At Marina Beach, the sun bids farewell in a spectacular display of colors, casting a warm glow over the city skyline and the huge ferris wheel.
dubai mall, dubai
The Dubai Mall is a place to explore a world of luxury brands, diverse cuisine, and captivating attractions, making it a destination where shopping meets entertainment on a grand scale. There’s even an ice rink!
cartier, dubai mall
The Mall is also home to a dinosaur skeleton named „Dino“ that belongs to the Diplodocus Longus species.
arabian souq, dubai mall, UAE
The Dubai Mall features also an area that imitates an Arabian Souq – but with luxury brands.
china town, dubai mall, dubai
Another area in the Dubai Mall features neon lights that remind of China town.
china town, lanterns, dubai mall
If you turn around, you can find chinese lanterns and a cherry blossom tree. Right next to this area there a huge Asian food court, serving plenty of different foods from all over Asia.
dubai aquarium, dubai mall, UAE
The Dubai Mall features a massive indoor aquarium, home to thousands of marine creatures, including sharks and rays.
old town dubai, uae, united arab emirates
In the heart of Dubai, Al Seef unfolds as a picturesque waterfront district where heritage meets modernity. This places was built 7 years ago for tourists to make money of it. However, there’s also an ares „Al Fahidi“ which is the original old town of Dubai, not built for tourists.
old town dubai, mosque dubai
This is the mosque of Al Seef village.
old town dubai, mosque
Al Seef creates a serene escape, offering a glimpse into the city’s rich heritage through its charming architecture and cultural experiences.
dubai creek, uae, united arab emirates
Dubai Creek, serves as the historical heart of the city, embodying the origins of Dubai’s maritime legacy. Traditional abras (water taxis) navigate its gentle currents, which narrates the story of Dubai’s evolution from a small fishing village to a global metropolis.
gold souq, gold market, old dubai
The Gold Market in Dubai, also known as the Gold Souk, is a dazzling labyrinth of shops showcasing a mesmerizing array of gold jewelry, from intricately designed necklaces to ornate bracelets.
abaya, old town, dubai
Abayas, the traditional robes worn by women, come in a kaleidoscope of colors and intricate designs, serving as both a cultural expression and a symbol of graceful fashion in the diverse tapestry of Arabian attire.
old town dubai, al fahidi, historic district
Since Al Seef was built for tourists, it features lot of cute cafés to hang out.
old town dubai, oriental, uae
The neighborhood is definitely picturesque and far away from all the crowds of the others areas of Dubai.
spice souq, spice market, dubai old town
The Spice Market in Dubai, or the Spice Souk, is a vibrant tapestry of colors and scents, where sacks of aromatic spices create a sensory feast.
spice souq, spice market, dubai old town
Wandering through the narrow paths, you’ll be surrounded by colorful spices at the Spice Market in Dubai. Smell the warm saffron and try the exciting taste of exotic herbs—it’s like getting a sneak peek into the delicious flavors of this region’s food.
old town dubai, uae, united arab emirates
Closing the Dubai photo series with another photo of a beautiful spot in Al Seef.

Sharjah photo series

sunrise, sharjah, dubai, uae
Sharjah, known for its rich cultural heritage, unfolds as a captivating Emirate where history, art, and tradition converge.
Here you can see the sunrise above the beautiful Khalid lake in the heart of the city.
sharjah, city lights, nightlife
Sharjah has lots of cool museums and colorful markets. It really cares about its history, and when you visit, you get to explore a mix of interesting things that show what the United Arab Emirates is all about.
sharjah, city lights, nightlife
At the Al Majaz waterfront you can watch the skyline at night which is so stunning.
waterfountain, light show, sharjah
At 8pm there’s a water fountain show taking place every single day. Definitely worth to check out!
mosque sharjah, mosque by night, citylights
The park is absolutely beautiful as it features a mosque and a fountain in front of that. Together with the lights it is a picturesque place to spend time.
mosque sharjah, mosque by night, citylights
An-Nur Mosque in Sharjah stands as a testament to architectural elegance, with its graceful domes and intricate details.

Abu Dhabi photo series

sheikh zayed mosque, united arab emirates, abu dhabi
The Abu Dhabi photo series is starting with the most beautiful place to visit in this city – the Sheikh Zayed Mosque.
sheikh zayed mosque, united arab emirates, abu dhabi
The Sheikh Zayed Mosque, is a mosque in white marble and intricate design. As one of the world’s largest mosques, it features opulent interiors adorned with delicate floral patterns to the expansive courtyard that echoes with the whispers of prayer.
sheikh zayed mosque, details, abu dhabi
From the inside of the mosue you find these little details in the windows where you can look out to the courtyard.
sheikh zayed mosque, uae, abu dhabi
The architecture of Sheikh Zayed Mosque is a stunning blend of Islamic influences, combining elements from various Islamic traditions to create a harmonious and grand design. The mosque features intricate floral patterns, geometric shapes, and classic Islamic arches, all crafted with white marble and adorned with precious materials. The overall style reflects a modern interpretation of Islamic architecture, showcasing a timeless elegance and reverence.
sheikh zayed mosque, united arab emirates, abu dhabi
Fun fact: The chandeliers in the mosque’s main prayer hall are not just decorative; they are adorned with millions of Swarovski crystals, adding a touch of sparkle to the already breathtaking interior.
abu dhabi, rooftop view, oryx hotel
This was our view from the rooftop of the hotel. There is so much space in downtown that they even incorporated sports areas and seating areas in this quiet neighborhood.
abu dhabi, rooftop view, oryx hotel
Rooftop from our hotel in Abu Dhabi. We loved our stay here, since they have spacious rooms on a budget!
abu dhabi, marina mall, uae
Abu Dhabi Marina Mall stands as a waterside shopping haven, offering a unique blend of retail therapy and stunning waterfront views. With its array of international brands, diverse dining options, and a tranquil marina setting, it provides a leisurely shopping experience against the backdrop of Abu Dhabi’s skyline
arabic food, arabian street food, fattoush
Arabian Food: Fattoush, Bread, Hummus, Garlic Dip, Lamb Skewers
We tried different foods for low prices at local eateries (here 12€ for a full lunch for both of us) featuring Fattoush – salad paired with bread – creamy hummus, garlic dip, and a meal with lamb skewers.
marina walk, abu dhabi, uae
Abu Dhabi Marina Walk invites you to leisurely stroll along its waterside promenade, where the glittering marina and modern architecture create a scenic backdrop. Lined with cafes and shops, it’s a perfect spot to enjoy the gentle breeze and soak in the vibrant atmosphere of this waterfront destination
rixos hotel, abu dhabi marina, united arab emirates
This impressive building is the 5 stars hotel named Rixos Abu Dhabi and features luxurious rooms with an epic view along the skyline of Abu Dhabi.
rixos hotel, abu dhabi marina, uae
The details of the Rixos Hotel are definitely worth a view.
rixos hotel, abu dhabi marina, uaae
Stroll along their front yard featuring a fountain.
marina walk, abu dhabi
The Abu Dhabi Corniche unfolds as a picturesque stretch along the coastline, where pristine beaches and landscaped parks harmonize with the city skyline.
abu dhabi marina, skyscrapers
At Corniche beach you can go on speed boat tours or ride a jetski.
sunset, abu dhabi, united arab emirates
Our picture series end with a stunning sunset over Abu Dhabi, colored in orange hues.

I hope this gallery made you interested and excited to explore more of the amazing places in the United Arab Emirates. For more travel ideas and helpful tips, check out my UAE travel guide or follow me on Instagram. As you discover the wonders of the UAE, may each moment become a special part of your own story filled with incredible experiences. Safe travels, and here’s to many more adventures in the UAE!

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