Fuerteventura: A Visual Guide

fuerteventura, visual guide

Hey there, travel buddies!
I’ve got something super cool for you – a visual guide to Fuerteventura! It’s like a children’s picture book, but for travelers. Dive into the sunny scenes, cool places, and awesome vibes. Make sure you also check-out the full guide to Fuerteventura and get ready to plan your next vacay to this amazing island. ✈️

sotavento beach
One of many sand dunes at Sotavento beach in Risco del Paso. This is my second home and my all time favorite beach on this planet .
sotavento beach 1
At Sotavento Beach you find amazing places to stay at only 100 meters away from the beach.
sotavento beach
Can you get enough of this view at Sotavento? Me neither!
antigua fuerteventura
The traditional town of Antigua in the heart of Fuerteventura captivates with a large windmill, parish church, and manor houses.
aguas verdes
The Aguas Verdes Natural Pool is a hidden gem on Fuerteventura’s coast, offering crystal-clear waters embraced by rugged rocks.
aguas verdes
This is not for the faint-hearted, as waves crash in from all sides, swirling you around in these natural pools (Aguas verdes).
bus stop fuerteventura
This is what the bus stops look like all over the island.
los lobos
Now entering: the beautiful island Los Lobos! It has a lagoon where you can just hang out or go snorkeling.
los lobos
You should also take a walk across the island and explore interesting trails. Pro tip: You can encounter lots of animals and plants which are endemic to this island.
los lobos
The east coast of Los Lobos with a view to Fuerteventura in the back.
Corralejo is a huge city where you can take the ferry from to either head to Lanzarote or Los Lobos.
sand dunes
The sand dunes of Corralejo in the Nationalpark.
fuerteventura island
Driving along the thrilling „highway“ of Fuerteventura. This is such a highlight you should not miss!
wild goat
For all the animal lovers of us: there are wild goats, rabbits and donkeys which you can encounter all over the island.
west coast
Scenic views when driving to the west coast to Cofete. It is extremely windy up there!
A beautiful beach with big mountains in the background – it’s like a peaceful and stunning picture all in one! One of my favorite beaches all over the island: Playa Larga in Cofete.
Another impressive landscape in the central of the island. There are plenty of view points where you can stop and just take a moment for yourself at this calming place.
risco de las peñitas
Stunning view from the viewpoint down to the valley of Risco de las Peñitas.
Risco de las Peñitas
Walking right through the valley of Risco de las Peñitas. This is an adventurous hike where you can also climb up the rocks.
Risco de las Peñitas
As you can see, the hike is not always tough.
Risco de las Peñitas
Views from inside the valley of Risco de las Peñitas.
barbary ground squirrel
Meet the Barbary ground squirrel – a furry friend with its bushy tail. Those little friends are always begging for food. One of them had already bitten me when I didn’t share my nuts 🙁
costa calma
Another highlight on the island are the palm trees in Costa Calma. You can walk from one end to the other end of the town right through the palm trees. It is so beautiful and worth seeing it.

As we say goodbye to Fuerteventura, I hope these pictures made you want to go on your own adventure! But guess what? There’s more, so check out other visual guides of my blog, such as Oahu, Kauai or the Big Island – each one has its own awesome story in pictures. Happy exploring! 🌅

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